Frequently Asked Questions

What is iMastering?

iMastering is a secure online service for mastering your music. You can choose which mastering engineer you would like to use or if you do not have a preference we will ensure your tracks are mastered by one of our first available world class engineers. You simply choose which option you prefer, place your order, upload your audio and any notes you may have and we will return your tracks as soon as they have been mastered.

If I don’t specify the engineer, who will master my tracks?

All iMastering work is carried out by the engineers listed on the iMastering homepage, we don’t pass iMastering on to junior engineers or other studios.

How is iMastering different to regular mastering?

All iMastering sessions take place in the same studios as regular mastering, using the same techniques and equipment. The only difference is the session is booked online.

How should I prepare my mixes for iMastering?

We recommend 24 bit / 44.1khz or 24bit / 96khz WAV or AIFF files. Please leave around 3db of headroom and ensure there is no limiting / compression on the final mix bus, this will give the mastering engineer room to work on your track. If you’re been mixing with compression / limiting on the final bus, you can send us this version to use as a reference but ensure you bounce a version without limiting for us to master from.

How long will it take to master my tracks?

Standard iMastering orders are completed within a maximum of 5 working days or 10 working days if you specify the mastering engineer. We have some faster delivery options on the front page in the ‘Turnaround’ section. If you need your tracks back sooner than the fastest turnaround option, contact us for availability on or +44 (0) 208 742 1111.

What format will my tracks be delivered back in?

We will deliver your mastered tracks as industry standard 16 bit / 44.1khz WAV files. This is fine for most digital stores, including iTunes. If you are manufacturing CDs, we recommend ordering a DDP Master.

Where can I get ISRC codes from?

You can apply for ISRC codes at your local ISRC agency, to find the agency for your territory visit

I need a format not listed on iMastering

We supply all industry standard formats, if the master / file type you need isn’t listed, contact a member of the bookings team on or +44 (0) 208 742 1111

Do you cut vinyl?

Yes! Contact a member of the bookings team for a bespoke quote on or +44 (0) 208 742 1111

What if I don’t like the mastering?

We include one revision to the mastering in the cost of all iMastering orders, just email the team on quoting your order number and we will revise the mastering at the earliest opportunity.

Can I attend the mastering session?

The rates for iMastering are based on unattended mastering sessions, to book an attended session contact a member of the bookings on or +44 (0) 208 742 1111

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